More Resources on the Children's Health Coverage Bill

HB 342 by Rep. Philip Cortez would allow children to stay in Medicaid for a full year, like Texas does for children in CHIP insurance. Texas has the highest rate and number of uninsured children in the country — and the problem is getting worse. Having insurance continuously throughout the year means kids can get check-ups, therapies and treatment for health conditions, and build a relationship with a health provider to track growth and development. In 2014, Texas rolled back eligibility rules for Medicaid. Now Texas kids have 6-month continuous coverage followed by month-to-month coverage for the second six months of each year. With extra paperwork and income checks at months 5, 6, 7, and 8, the combined effect of this undue administrative burden can cause eligible children to lose their Medicaid coverage.

For additional background on this issue, check out this two-page explanation by the Children's Health Coverage Coalition, the Texas Association of Health Plans, and the Texas Association of Community Health Plans.

Here are six additional resources in support of HB 342: