Quality Affordable Health Coverage • Sustainable Health Care System

Our Mission

Cover Texas Now is a coalition of consumer and faith-based organizations whose mission is to see the state of Texas implement a sustainable health care system and provide quality affordable health coverage to its citizens. The coalition meets regularly to communicate and collaborate regarding strategies and activities related to improving healthcare and expanding coverage in Texas.

The work previously conducted under the banner of Texas Well and Healthy is now included in Cover Texas Now.


OUr Principles

The coalition believes in:

  • Quality affordable health insurance, available for every Texan
  • A sustainable health care system
  • Long term services and supports, provided in the most integrated setting possible
  • Maximizing federal funding for Texas health care by preserving CHIP and Medicaid
  • Improving small business’ access to affordable health insurance
  • Establishing common-sense protections for Texas health insurance consumers in state law
  • Transparent and open systems that meet consumers’ needs

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