TX House Votes Down Medicaid Expansion Along Party Lines

On Wednesday night, the Texas House held its closest vote ever on Medicaid expansion, defeating a proposal by Rep. John Bucy on a vote of 80-66.


Rep. Bucy's amendment to the state budget would have directed state leaders to accept billions of dollars in Medicaid funding from the federal government to provide an insurance option to child care teachers, construction workers, and other uninsured low-wage workers. 

The House defeated the amendment on a party line vote, with a handful of Representatives missing the vote. 

We were disappointed to lose the vote, but we are encouraged by the strong debate on the House floor and glad to see that more Representatives voted for Medicaid expansion than ever before. You can watch the video of the debate here.

We urge you to contact your Representatives to thank them if they voted "yes" and to express your disappointment if they voted "no."

Thank you for continuing to speak out for health care for Texans!