Hearing Tuesday on children's health coverage bill at Lege!


After a big week in the push for Medicaid expansion to cover low-income Texas workers, we now have a big few days in the push to make sure more Texas kids have the coverage they need to stay healthy.

On Tuesday at the Texas Capitol, the House Human Services Committee will hold a hearing on the Children's Health Coverage bill. The legislation, HB 342 by Rep. Philip Cortez, would allow eligible kids to stay enrolled in Medicaid insurance for a full year. Texas currently requires many parents to file additional paperwork month after month, resulting in some children temporarily getting knocked off of insurance — and missing out on health care — due to a paperwork snafu. Here's more information about the bill.

There are three key ways you can speak up to support children's health care for this hearing:

1. Call Committee members to urge them to support the bill. If you contact Chairman James Frank, be sure to thank him for holding the hearing.

2. Attend the hearing and register your name in the official record as a supporter of the bill.

3. Use the following League of Women Voters' action alert to email your legislators about the bill:

Thank you for standing up for healthy Texas kids!