Keeping Track of Children's Health Coverage and the ACA

Here at Texas Well and Healthy we are always striving to produce easy-to-understand materials about health care reform. Our partner KidsWell knows a thing or two about providing informative and clear resources on the Affordable Care Act—their brightly colored and highly visual website does a great job of sharing resources on children's health coverage and the ACA. Their website includes state-by-state summaries of health care reform implementation and campaigns impacting children’s health and relevant weekly highlights from all fifty states. Visuals are often key in comprehending large amounts of data. KidsWell's National Spotlights feature provides interactive maps showcasing developments in health policy reform that are particularly relevant to advocates with an interest in child health. KidsWell also has a powerful health care reform search tool that will help you find all the latest health care reform information. You can search by keywords, state, topic, issuing agency and other criteria. Their database is updated each week so you know you’re getting accurate, recent data.

Additionally, KidsWell coordinates over 30 children’s advocacy organizations (including us) who are working to increase health insurance coverage for our nation’s children and families. By helping advocacy organizations work together, and by using this website as a health reform information hub, KidsWell is building a lasting legacy of healthy children.

Texas Well and Healthy is proud to be a featured partner of the KidsWell Campaign this week. You can see where we are highlighted on their website's homepage. Take a moment to visit the site and check out their resources. You won't regret it!

Written by Liz Moskowitz, Texans Care for Children