Much Demand in the Health Insurance Marketplace

"Massive Demand as Obamacare Opens for Texans" was the headline last week, when the Health Insurance Marketplace first opened for business. While we don't know the precise number of Texans who have enrolled, it's great to see the early reports that enrollment in the Marketplace is beating expectations. Nationwide, roughly 5 million people visited the federally run Marketplace website on its first day. Millions more made calls, visited enrollment sites, and checked out the new marketplaces in states that had set up their own health insurance exchange. Even with the federal government shut down, the roll-out of health insurance options for millions of Texans has been able to move forward. And although glitches and technical overload have kept things from going perfectly online, progress on that front is happening every day. Those who couldn't enroll at the website can still visit an enrollment site or make a call, and they do have time: Enrolling any time before December 16 allows for coverage that starts in the new year. Open enrollment lasts through March 31, 2014, but an Associated Press article today reminds folks that it would be wise to get your coverage no later than Valentine's Day.

Which reminds us, we've been wanting to spread the love and bring you more testimonials from people who have contacted us, real Texans with real health coverage stories, getting health insurance in the Marketplace:

"Getting insured is an absolute dream come true for me, and I am so excited about it."

- Jennie from Houston

"For us it's a lifesaver. We have been dealing with insurance that has an unmanageable deductible and have held off on tests because we're waiting for health care to kick in in January."

- Laura from North Texas

"So happy to have my family of four covered again starting Jan 1. My wife and I both run our own businesses and the insurance we had until recently cost too much and did far too little. Preventative care should be covered and encouraged-it's a no-brainer. And I shouldn't have to worry about losing my house if I have a heart attack/cancer/whatever tragic event. The Healthcare Exchange website is over-inundated and a bit frustrating, but that's because there are so many other people like us, excited to get reasonable and smart health coverage."

- Jack from Austin

"If I were to get insurance through the marketplace, I would be at peace. I hope that the marketplace offers something that will allow the average and normal person to go to the doctor and not be so stressed out over it."

- Amanda from Houston

As a reminder, you can check out more Texans' stories at our new LetsEnrollTX Tumblr. To share your health insurance experience or thoughts on getting enrolled, contact us.

Written by: Christine Sinatra, Texans Care for Children.