Health Insurance Marketplace Rates Lower than Expected

Late yesterday, the federal Health and Human Services Department provided a peek at what the families and individuals shopping for coverage in the new Health Insurance Marketplace are likely to pay. As has happened in other states, the insurance companies in Texas, competing with one another for business from new consumers, are offering prices lower than expected for health insurance plans. As this Texas Tribune article points out, a family of four earning $50,000 will be able to purchase a plan that offers coverage for parents and kids, with a total cost to them of as little as $26/month in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For some time now, we've been letting you know just how important next week's opening of the marketplace is for our state's uninsured children and families. On Oct. 1, more Texans will have a chance to get good health coverage that they can afford in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Texans who need coverage will find new options and get financial assistance paying for coverage.

While there is a lot to celebrate in that, some are doing everything in their power to prevent it moving forward. Texas Governor Rick Perry is among those trying to gum up the works (and getting push-back for it), but he's not alone. A recent New York Magazine article suggests opponents of the law have an elaborate plan, a lot of which hinges on keeping people in the dark about the marketplace.

That's why it is so important that Texans who support the Affordable Care Act to speak up. Simply say, "Getting health insurance is about to get easier. On Oct. 1, people can go to to find coverage, and most will get financial assistance to help pay for it."

Please consider taking action in one of these ways:

  • Tell 10 friends about the marketplace. Share the word with your friends and family, and ask them to pass it along, too.
  • Go door to door as a volunteer with Get Covered America.
  • Share information about the marketplace from Texas Well and Healthy on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Join Thursday's Health Care Action Call with more ways to spread the news on social media. The call is at from noon to 1 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 26. To get the call-in details, you must RSVP to Laura with the campaign. Send her an email at: [email protected].

Written by Christine Sinatra, Texans Care for Children. Cross-posted at State of the Children blog.