New #SickOfItTX Campaign Launches Today!

It's time for action!

SOIT Launch Instagram or Facebook.jpg

Texas faces the worst uninsured rate in the nation, and state leaders failed to pass any bills this year to fix the problem.

So today several organizations — including a number of Cover Texas Now coalition members — are announcing efforts to build a new grassroots network of informed and engaged activists with a singular focus:

Make health coverage the key issue for Texas policymakers and candidates in the 2020 elections and the 2021 legislative session.

Visit the campaign at to learn more about:

  • Statewide “Block Walks for Healthcare” taking place November 9 and 10

  • The Healthcare Activist Leadership Network training program

  • What Texas is and isn’t doing to keep its people healthy

  • Other ways to connect with the campaign

Thanks for fighting for health coverage!