Alert! Next 24 hours key to passing Children's Health Coverage Bill!


The next 24 hours will be key to our fight to make sure Texas stops kicking eligible kids off of their Medicaid health insurance due to excessive red tape.

The House version of the Children's Health Coverage Bill, HB 342, just reached the House Calendars Committee. The Committee members are now deciding which bills will be scheduled for a House vote in the final days before the deadline to pass House bills.

Will you use the League of Women Voters' Action Alert today to contact the Calendars Committee members and urge them to schedule a vote for HB 342?

We also need to get a Senate hearing on the Senate version of the bill, SB 637.

Will you call Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chair Lois Kolkhorst and respectfully urge her to hold a hearing on SB 637?

Call Senator Kolkhorst’s Committee Office at 512-463-0360.

You can let her staff know that this bill is important for ensuring eligible children remain covered by Medicaid so they can see the doctor when they need to.

To learn more about the bill, take a look at the materials we've recently posted on our website.

Thanks for continuing to fight to protect health care for Texas kids!