Key Resources on the Texas Coverage Gap and Medicaid Expansion

Here’s a compilation of key resources for understanding the Coverage Gap in Texas and the opportunity for Texas to close the Coverage Gap by accepting Medicaid expansion funding from the federal government:

Medicaid Expansion Talking Points by Cover Texas Now

What is the Texas Coverage Gap by the Center for Public Policy Priorities

The Texas Coverage Gap (Infographic) by Cover Texas Now

Statewide Support for Closing the Coverage Gap (June 2016) by Cover Texas Now

Mythbuster: Responses to Common Opposition to Closing the Coverage Gap by Cover Texas Now

1115 Waiver and Medicaid Expansion by Cover Texas Now

Smart, Affordable, and Fair: Why Texas Should Extend Medicaid Coverage to Medicaid Coverage to Low-Income Adults by Billy Hamilton Consulting

Only One Rational Choice: Texas Should Participate in Medicaid Expansion by The Perryman Group

Top 9 Occupations of the Employed but Uninsured Who Would benefit from Closing the Coverage Gap by Families USA

The Health Coverage Gap and Young Texans by Young Invincibles