ACA Success Stories: Tio from Georgetown, TX


I'm 26 years old. My husband and I eloped in 2014 and we welcomed our first baby in April 2016. I was lucky growing up to have a dad with a state job and good insurance. When I moved away from home, I was still covered by his plan because I was a part-time student. When I ran out of money for school, the ACA had passed, and I was able to stay on his plan until I aged out last November. At that time, being added to my husband's employer coverage was cost prohibitive for us, so I got coverage through the marketplace.

I did not have any major debilitating illness growing up, but thanks to the ACA's essential health benefits I was able to get regular preventative care. I was able to afford my prenatal care and promptly seek birth control after my son was born so I could focus on my family. I was able to access care and continue breastfeeding when I came down with mastitis - twice - before my son was 2 months old.

At my first annual check up after my son's birth, my pap smear came back abnormal. Not very long after that I developed a lump in one breast. A few months later, I developed a lump in the other one as well. With the continued attempts to repeal the ACA, I am looking at a very uncertain and frightening future where I don't know if I will be able to get coverage at all, much less treat whatever issues may arise.

The Cover Texas Now Coalition is looking for stories like Tio’s. We’d like to know how the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid have helped you and your family. Are you willing to share your story with us? If so, please visit this page and tell us how these programs have affected you.