ACA Success Stories: Nora from Austin, TX

I am a 28-year-old entrepreneur. I’ve benefited from the Affordable Care Act, first when I was able to remain on my parents' insurance until age 26, and also because I had a pre-existing health condition for which I’ve been hospitalized a few times. For this freelancer and small business owner, the ACA is only affordable way I can buy health insurance.

When I first started freelancing, I was eligible for tax credits, but now I pay the full premium amount. In 2015 I started a small business with a partner, which is growing, but not quickly enough to cover health insurance for both of us. If the ACA and its protections are repealed, I fear I’ll have to close my business and find a job with employer-based coverage.

Businesses like mine exist because of the freedom entrepreneurs have to take a risk, knowing that health insurance is available and affordable. I believe repeal will stifle new business creation and innovation. If I lose my insurance through the ACA I’ll probably close up shop and look for employment with a company that offers benefits, instead of working to grow my business and eventually employ others.

The Cover Texas Now Coalition is looking for stories like Nora’s. We’d like to know how the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid have helped you and your family. Are you willing to share your story with us? If so, please visit this page and tell us how these programs have affected you.