ACA Success Stories: David and Claire from Houston, TX


My wife and I both work in the arts and depend on the Affordable Care Act for health coverage.

I am a church musician who went uninsured for many years before getting coverage through the ACA. Claire has worked professionally as an artist for five years, and has held apprenticeships. She was on her parents’ insurance until 2016, and now works at a performing arts center. 

In August of 2016, I became very ill and passed out. I had an emergency appendectomy, and my insurance protected me and Claire from financial ruin. Our insurance covered more than $10,000 in hospital bills. I don’t know where we’d be without the ACA.

The Cover Texas Now Coalition is looking for stories like David and Claire’s. We’d like to know how the Affordable Care Act or Medicaid have helped you and your family. Are you willing to share your story with us? If so, please visit this page and tell us how these programs have affected you.