A Few Days Left to Stop Administration's "Public Charge" Attack on Health Care!

We have less than one week left to take action in a critical fight for health care.


Texas already has the highest children's uninsured rate in the country, and the fear generated by the Trump administration's "public charge" proposal will make it worse for U.S. citizen children and other Texas kids with an immigrant in their family. In fact, it appears the proposal is already scaring Texas families into putting their health at risk.

Texas also has real challenges preventing maternal deaths and supporting healthy moms, healthy pregnancies, and healthy babies. By potentially penalizing Texas women for receiving prenatal care through the CHIP Perinatal program, the administration's proposal could also take us backwards on infant and maternal health, too.

Congress will NOT have a vote on this public charge proposal, but all of us can fight back by submitting our comments to the administration by the Monday, December 10th deadline.

We're so glad to see that over 100,000 people have already submitted their comments on the proposal!

We encourage you to add your voice to this chorus by visiting this simple online action center for submitting comments to protect families and protect health care:

If you are looking for more guidance on how to write your comments to the administration, take a look at these helpful tips for organizations and for individuals.

After the recent elections, we don't expect Congress to pass any major threats to health care in the next two years, but we will have to keep standing up against these kinds of actions that the administration is taking on its own to undermine our health care.

Thank you for fighting for health care for Texas families!