Help Uninsured Texans Go to the Capitol to Fight for Health Coverage

We're excited to launch a new campaign today to give YOU another way to stand up for uninsured Texans!

Right now in Texas, there are moms who have cancer but can't get the treatment they need. Dads who can't pay for their depression medication. Child care teachers, construction workers, and cooks one wrong step away from drowning in medical debt.

These are the kinds of stories you hear from the 800,000 Texans who are uninsured because the Texas Legislature still has not accepted federal Medicaid expansion funding intended to cover them. 

That's why we're bringing hundreds — maybe thousands — of Texans to the State Capitol to share their stories and speak directly to state leaders about why we need to expand health coverage in Texas.

They are getting up early, in many cases driving across the state, and spending a day to advocate for themselves, their families, and all Texans.

Today we are launching an online campaign to give you and other supporters a way to pitch in and help these Texans get to the Capitol.

Will you chip in today to cover the costs of buses and meals for their journey?

It's going to be a big day in the fight for health coverage in Texas. We hope that you'll be involved in as many ways as possible. Along with donating, you can help spread the word on Facebook, register to join us for Advocacy Day on March 6, 2017, and stay tuned for more updates.

Thank you for doing your part!