Support Terry and Other Uninsured Texans

Terry Needs Your Help - Today and March 12 Terry and a million other Texans need your support. They are small business owners, home health aides, and construction workers. They are college students, people between jobs, and Texans with disabilities. They don't receive health insurance from their employers and don't qualify for any health coverage assistance.

And Texas leaders haven't accepted expanded Medicaid funding intended to cover Terry and other uninsured workers.

How You Can Help Today

1. Click here to send an email to your state legislators about the need to expand health coverage to Texans like Terry.

2. Register to join us on March 12 at 10:00 am at the Texas Capitol for Health Coverage Expansion Advocacy Day. All the details are available here.

3. If you're into social media, share the posts we've put on Twitter and Facebook about Terry's story and Advocacy Day details.

Can't make it on March 12? You can still be a social media megaphone for Advocacy Day activities, so mark your calendar and keep up with us on Twitter.

View an infographic on the Texas Coverage Gap and a list of organizations that have called on state leaders to ensure Texas workers have a health coverage option.