Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation about Health Care? We've got you covered!

Some supporters of the health law are dreading the possibility of talk at the Thanksgiving dinner table turning to the nation's health law. If getting drawn into a debate over the Affordable Care Act felt rough at other years' feasts, this year, with the law rolling out, it feels especially dicey. The good news is we're here to help with some great information and links you can read up on well before that turkey dinner:

  • On rates in the Health Insurance Marketplace: Many people will be getting much better coverage for less than they pay now. While some people will pay more, many of these people have had a bare-bones policy that few would consider good health insurance. Stacey Pogue with the Center for Public Policy Priorities explains more here.
  • On those recent health plan cancellations: Stacey also breaks down what you need to know on this score. Additionally, a new report from Families USA shows just how few people-0.5%-are both at risk of losing the coverage they had and without financial assistance to purchase a new, better plan.
  • On coverage expansion: As Anne Dunkelberg points out in an Austin American-Statesman op-ed, there are also a lot fewer Texans who risk having to change plans than there are Texans who are affected by Texas' leaders decision not to expand Medicaid in the state. Over at MomsRising, some fellow champions for health coverage help explain who the folks in the coverage gap are.
  • On navigators: The people helping folks enroll in the health insurance marketplace have an important job to do and plans for them need to remember, as our blog post explains: "Insurance is difficult to understand, especially for people who haven't had it before. Navigators provide in-person help-answering questions, deciphering plan options, and helping people enroll."
  • On other things happening in health policy beyond Obamacare: A new report from the Georgetown Center for Children and Families shows Medicaid and CHIP are huge successes. Medicaid has not only helped many more kids get covered; children also are receiving the care they need to lead healthier lives. And as Clayton Travis of Texans Care for Children explains, some new rules pertaining to mental health will help a lot of people with mental health concerns get treatment they need.
  • On the big picture of whether the Affordable Care Act is working: Check out this chart posted by the Washington Post about how the nation's health care costs are declining-even while care itself improves-thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Your friends at Texas Well and Healthy

P.S. We are very excited to be working with Get Covered America (a campaign of Enroll America) to connect uninsured Texans with the chance to get coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Get Covered America is looking for volunteers to help spread the word. There are many different volunteer opportunities. If you hear from Get Covered America about volunteering opportunities, we hope you'll take the time to talk with them, and learn how you can help get Texas covered.