New Horizons for 2 Key Team Members

Editor’s note: Two members of our team, who have made outstanding contributions to this movement to improve access to health care for Texans, had their last days on the job. They move on to new horizons, while continuing the work of educating and organizing others to make health care system betters. Their farewell messages can be found below. Dear Texas Well and Healthy members,

Today is my last day working on this campaign, and I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your commitment to ensuring that all Texans have access to affordable health insurance and quality health care. Over the past two years it has been an honor and a privilege to travel around this great state to give presentations about the Affordable Care Act. I have personally spoken (at presentations, trainings, conference calls, and webinars) to more than half the membership in this campaign, and meeting you has been an unforgettable experience. Getting to meet you, the committed and enthusiastic people who fight for equality and justice, has filled me with hope for a bright future for health care in Texas.

I am sad to be leaving this job behind, but I also look forward to completing my doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin in the next year (the topic is Health Care Systems in Sandinista Nicaragua, for those who want to know). I’ll be back in the health care working world when that is done, and I sincerely hope to cross paths with some of you in the future.

Until then, I wish you all the very best. Keep fighting the good fight.

To a well and healthy Texas!

Cheasty Anderson


This week, many Texans came together to celebrate all the amazing work we've done together over the session and take a deep breath before we start it all again. Something else happened this week, too. I wrapped up my time with Texas Well and Healthy and Engage Texas as Organizing Director. I have transitioned to a new role as Texas State Director with Enroll America.

I have had an amazing time working with this campaign. I can honestly say I've never had such a great time fighting such a tough fight! Of course I will still be very much involved with many of you in my new role, too, as the focus turns to how we get people enrolled in health insurance they need.

Allow me also to introduce you to the new Health Care Coordinator for the campaign. Laura Brubaker, who worked previously with Progress Texas, has been very involved with the Medicaid expansion fight. She will be taking over for me, officially starting in her new role June 3rd. You are in good hands with Laura, and you can reach out to her at: [email protected]


Mimi Garcia