Support for Medicaid Expansion Continues to Spread Across the State

Right now, Texas is being offered an incredible opportunity to cover 1.5 million residents who are currently uninsured. In the state with the highest uninsured rate in America, accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid to those who live up to 133% of the federal poverty level makes sense fiscally and morally. Not only would a substantial amount of Texans have access to preventive and affordable health care, but it would create an economic windfall for Texas, including creating jobs. It would also reduce the burden on hospitals and county taxes to cover uncompensated care costs, which in turn could relieve increasing medical costs and insurance premiums.

With the all of these incredible and important benefits, supporters are coming out all over the state to stand up for the Medicaid solution. These include not just health care organizations, but local governments, chambers of commerce, and many others. In order to visualize this widespread and ever-growing support, Texas Well and Healthy has created an interactive Google map, available here.

It is important to let know our state legislators that we as individuals, our organizations, and local leaders are onboard with Medicaid expansion. Please sign our petition, urging lawmakers to accept these federal funds to extend Medicaid and bring health care and jobs to Texas. We have also developed a toolkit, “Getting Leaders to Call Upon Leaders,” to guide you through the process of reaching out to your local government to sign resolutions and letters of support for the Medicaid solution.