A Quick Way to Show Your Support for Extending Medicaid Coverage

Texas lawmakers are deciding right now whether the state will accept billions of dollars in federal funds that would allow 1.5 million currently uninsured Texans to have health coverage they need. The Medicaid expansion that would make this possible would also bring Texas an estimated $6 billion of annual economic benefit and many health care jobs. Yet some Texas leaders are proposing leaving money on the table and people uninsured. We need your help to keep that from happening! If you or a group you work with supports Texas extending Medicaid coverage for hard-working, low-income Texans who would qualify for it under health reform, we need to hear from you! Here's what you can do.

  1. Sign on in support: Take just a moment now using the "Sign On" link below to let us know you stand for bringing health care coverage and jobs to our people.
  1. Sign on a group or organization you work with: If you are authorized to speak for a community group, an organization, or a company that supports Medicaid expansion, use the same form to let us know. We're collecting sign-ons from across Texas.
  1. Ask your friends, family, coworkers, and groups you're a part of to sign, too: With so much at stake, we need every voice raised. Please consider forwarding this message!