What kind of state should Texas be? How about one that gets to work! (Updated)

Between the nation’s health law being upheld a week ago and the country celebrating a birthday yesterday, this has been a pretty big week for the good ol’ U.S. of A. Still, it’s arguably an even bigger week for Texas. Not only do we have more to gain from the Affordable Care Act than any state, at this moment—after the lawsuits, the arguments, and all the bickering—we also get to decide what kind of state we want to be. Do we want to continue being the state known for political theater, or do we want to roll up our sleeves and get to work on implementing the nation’s health care law, the established law of the land?

Starting yesterday, on a day of patriotism and pride, our campaign began making the argument that Texas should be the kind of state that gets to work. It’s time for us all to come together around the things that will make more Texans healthy, well, financially secure, and protected. Our campaign organizer, Mimi Garcia put it this way in an email yesterday:

It’s been days now since the Supreme Court upheld the nation’s health care law, but what is Texas doing about it? Plenty of Texans have questions about the law. Many haven’t heard about the rebates coming their way this summer from health insurers who overcharged them. Lots would like to know what’s happening, so people can get the care they need and insurance companies can’t rip us off. . . [But there are] simple choices before us if we want to make Texas well and healthy.

All week, we’ll be letting you know about those simple choices, and what Texas leaders need to hear from you and your fellow Texans to make the right decision. First, they need to hear that we all expect Texas to be a state that answers health care questions, especially when the money is there for the taking, so we can have a strong Texas Consumer Health Assistance Program. There are about $3 million in Washington, just waiting for Texas, so we can do a better job of answering Texans’ questions amid all this change. Shouldn’t we be the kind of state that helps everyday people understand their benefits and their rights when it comes to health insurance?

We’ll have a second post on a way Texas can get to work later today. (Update: Here's that post.)

This is just one of many ways Texans can stand up for action, now that we know the Affordable Care Act’s fate. Help us spread the word. One way you can do so is by using Get to Work, Texas! or #GetToWorkTX over the next week on social media when you’re sharing campaign news with friends. Want to introduce your friends to what we’re about in the first place? Here’s the world’s shortest video on the topic, ready for you to share:

Written by: Christine Sinatra, Texans Care for Children