How Much Do You Know About The Uninsured?

How much do you know about the uninsured?  I mean, how much do you really know?

Chances are if you're reading this blog you know the state of Texas has the highest rate of uninsured children and people of any state in the country.  In fact, about 1 in 5 children, and even more adults, lack health coverage in Texas. What this means is a lot of people (millions!) do not have a primary physician or pediatrician they can visit when they get sick. How sick is that?

And, we all know there's no scheduling getting sick for a time that's convenient. We get sick when we get sick, and we need a doctor when we need a doctor.  Without reliable, affordable access to routine and basic medical care, Texas children and families, not to mention entire communities, plus our economy, suffer the consequences.

It's time we recognized the uninsured for who they are. They are our neighbors. They are our friends. They are our relatives, young adult children and their friends. They are our co-workers, our employees, our teachers, grocery clerks, artists, mechanics, and self-employed entrepreneurs.  In short -- THEY are US.  It's time we all understood a little bit more about the millions of our Texas friends and neighbors who we call: the uninsured.

Fortunately, the Kaiser Family Foundation has created a quiz to help you gauge how much you really know about the uninsured and the consequences of not having health insurance.

Go ahead.  Take the quiz!

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Posted by: Anat Kelman Shaw, Children's Defense Fund - Texas