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Cover Texas Now Coalition - February 14, 2012

Dear Cheasty,

I'm confused about the contraception regulation controversy that exploded in the news last week. I was under the impression that women already have access to birth control through their insurers. Is anything going to change with the compromise they reached on Friday?

Confused about Contraception

Dear Confused,

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Cover Texas Now Coalition - February 7, 2012

Dear Cheasty,

Hello. I work for a small company and one of my co-workers just told me that this year our insurance premiums are being reduced. I asked some more questions and he told me that our entire office might even get a refund check in the mail from the insurance company this year. I was delighted to hear that of course! I was wondering, though, what’s going on? Is this true? And...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - February 4, 2012

Today is the third anniversary of bipartisan legislation that strengthened the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known in Texas as CHIP. This anniversary provides a great opportunity to reflect on our progress and highlight the important successes we have to celebrate when it comes to extending health coverage to all children.

In the three years since CHIP's reauthorization, the...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - December 15, 2011

Dear Cheasty,

I am a health care advocate for low-income families in Texas. I am excited about the Affordable Care Act because it will help so many of the people I work with. But with all the lawsuits and questions about whether the law is constitutional, I’m not sure if I can count on the health care reforms I am looking forward to. Even worse, I’m not sure what to tell my clients...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - October 26, 2011

Cover Texas Now and other organizations are signing on to letter requesting theTexas HHSC to establish an ongoing dialogue process for informing the public and receiving broad stakeholder input on policy development related to Texas’ July 2011 application for a Section 1115 Demonstration Waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Advocates are concerned there is no...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - October 25, 2011

Cover Texas Now Coalition - October 24, 2011

Cover Texas Now member TexPIRG’s recent report “Making the Grade: A Scorecard for State Health Insurance Exchanges” indicates Texas is one of 24 states with an "incomplete" in it’s scorecard on health insurance exchanges. According to the report Texas has accepted federal planning grants but has yet to acknowledge whether they'll run their own exchanges or let the federal government come in...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - September 21, 2011

Today, September 21st, advocates in Texas, Washington D.C., and cities across the country gathered for My Medicaid Matters rallies. Organizations representing Texans with disabilities, seniors, children, family members, direct care workers and other allies gathered on the north steps of the State Capitol on to send a clear, united message to U.S. lawmakers that MEDICAID MATTERS to Texans, as...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - September 12, 2011

Medicaid clients will no longer have to present a letter-sized piece of paper when visiting the doctor, dentist, pharmacy or clinic for their Medicaid services. The Texas Health and Human Service Commission (HHSC) has tossed the outdated paper Medicaid ID, known as Form 3087, and replaced it with a plastic magnetic-striped card. In August, the agency started issuing the new...

Cover Texas Now Coalition - March 13, 2011

AUSTIN – For over a decade now, Texas has been the state with the nation’s highest rate of uninsured people, but a grassroots start-up is launching with the promise to end the trend.

Texas Well and Healthy is a broad-based initiative to organize thousands of parents, faith leaders, young adults, and small business ownders, alongside other concerned residents, in an effort to ensure more...