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Will Senate vote tomorrow on cutting insurance for 22 million or 32 million?

Although Trumpcare has had a rocky couple weeks, there is a real risk that it could pass the U.S. Senate this week.
Senate leaders are aiming to vote today on a "Motion to Proceed" and start debate on a health care bill.
And we're alarmed to hear that three of the Republicans most skeptical of Trumpcare -- Senators Murkowsi (Alaska), Capito (West Virginia), and Heller (Nevada) -- are now under tremendous pressure to vote for the bill.
Although the Senate is on the verge of voting, we still don't know if they will take up the latest Senate bill, which will cut insurance for 22 million people and raise deductibles to $13,000 for some people, or the old "Repeal and Trust Us to Figure it Out Later" bill, which will cut insurance for 32 million people.
Driving home the confusion -- and absurdity -- in the Senate, our own Senator Cornyn said that knowing which bill they will vote on this week is "a luxury we don't have."
Here's what we do know: We've almost knocked out Trumpcare, but we can't let up yet.
Here's how we can finish the job:
First, reach out to your friends in Alaska, Nevada, West Virginia, and other states where we need to keep the pressure on key Senators. Use the Trumpcare Ten website to urge your friends in those states to make one more call or visit to their Senators.
Second, RSVP for the health care march this Saturday at 10:00 am in Austin.
Third, reach out to our Senators:
  • Call Senator Cornyn at 877-345-4024 or 972-239-1310
  • Call Senator Cruz at 877-398-0043 or 214-599-8749
  • Email them both through our Online Action Center
Tell them you oppose the bill because it:
  • Cuts insurance for millions of Americans,
  • Slashes Medicaid for Texas children, pregnant women, seniors, and people with disabilities,
  • Undermines protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and
  • Makes insurance more expensive for many Americans.
Thanks for all your efforts! We're almost there!